Asphalt 8 Screen Recorder Test [READ DESCRIPTION PLEASE!]

Hey Guys! So recently my phone (Sony Xperia Z2) received the latest Android software update: Version 6.0.1. After updating, quite a few things went wrong, one of them being my (built-in) screen recorder started to act up big time. When trying to record gameplays it would cause the game to lag so much or sometimes stop recording by itself, not save the recordings and all sorts.
So I decided to install a new app to record my gameplays: “AZ Screen Recorder” and I’m hoping things work out okay and I can record my videos as usual BUT in the same quality as before, without lag etc etc.
So I really need your feedback over the next few videos I will be uploading, using this app to record my gameplays. If you notice more lag or poor sound quality or anything else that never used to happen (as often) as before then please comment in the videos. If the quality of the videos is as good as before and meets your expectations as usual, then please let me know that too!

Thanks a ton for all the support on my videos so far!!! :D :D :D

Music: Lensko – Circles [NCS Release]

Asphalt 8 is a racing game created by Gameloft.

Post time: 10-11-2017