Best online learning platform 2015 Discover the joy of online learning with brilliant video education platform In this video Paul explains how you can get a full 7 day trial access to over 15000 videos on the site – what are you waiting for – dive in!! http:/

Hello I’m Paul from PRwilson Media and I’m here to tell you all about a brand-new online learning platform
that could literally turn your world upside down so come on let’s dive in!

Hopefully that big splash has whetted your appetite to find out more

Now as a social media trainer I’ve had a YouTube
channel running for over three years now

I’ve managed to pick up plenty of subscribers. over 50,000 views and very much focused on step-by-step
social media training videos. So on topics
such as FacebookTwitter LinkedIn YouTube and many

Now YouTube is great when you are looking for relevant content, the how-to guides but one thing it lacks in my view is the ability to access a whole suite of lessons and get a complete educational experience. Yes you can comment on videos but it’s difficult to get interaction going

And that’s the same whether you’re someone who has content on there or just a user looking for the
information. Now around a year ago I was contacted
by USbased educational learning platform
and what they have to offer is really really iinteresting. Let’s take a look at the site

So what you are seeing here is the taster, the 24 x 7 broadcasting of various channels. Up to 10 channels, business, brainy, technical coding, craft channel , food, health life music. These are running all the time. You can watch any of these that are running for free as you go.

Now asked me to look at producing some social media videos based on what they had seen on my YouTube content. So, I put together some lesson outlines , they signed those off and I registered as a teacher on the platform. It was a fantastic move, it really was. Now, what you can see as I scroll down on this opening page are these options. So you can have entirely free membership which gives you access to the first lesson in all of the oourses. So over 1000 24/7 broadcasting and always 1 free lesson every day. But this for me was the real find, a membership with 15,000 lessons available to you for 12 months, you can trial it out without even having to put any credit card details in at all for 7 full days so you can watch as many videos as you wish, get the feel for it. As it says there, as little as $4 a month.

So essentially if you join as an annual membership with this discount you get $48 to pay for 12 months unlimited access to all of these 10 categories, and all of those lessons. And I’ve signed up for music ones, guitar playing, some business ones , starting a business online , presentation skills , all manner of things. And of course, I’d like you to take a look at my two courses. One on LinkedIn Essentials and one on social media marketing. And I’ll showcase those in another video.

But all you’ve got to do to get started is click on start free trial and just fill these out , I’m doing it for a member in my Rotary club who is going to join , and I’ll click join free with mail.

Welcome to curious, all access, free for 7 days. Go grow your skills! So you can search by the various categories So, social media ones for example would be under business, under marketing , but they would also be under tech. So if I find there social media, clicked on it and there we go , we’ve got Linkedin Essentials and further down socil media marketing essentials. I’ll just click on the LinkedIn Essentials one just to show what you see, so I’ll just click on it and you get the 10 part course , details and course overview , how much the running time is and there’s all the lessons presented below. And you can just say start course.

At any time you can add course and all 11 lessons to your own personal lessons to keep track of. So you can keep back to them at any time, So to add that lesson to your lessons that you follow, you just hover over it and you select add to my lessons. And now that’s added so if I now click on my lessons, you’ll be able to see the complete course there. As you can see at the top right you’ve got the option at any time during the trial to upgrade to the full curious plus subscription. As you can see as I mentioned you’ve got a 20% discount so it’s only $4 a month for the first 12 months. For more free social media training videos visit For more free social media training videos visit

Post time: 05-03-2017