Facebook Video vs YouTube Video – Which Platform Is Better?

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In this video we talk about which platform is better for your video marketing effort. And the two platforms we are going to talk about YouTube and Facebook.

It’s no secret that Facebook and YouTube are going head to head to become the video content king. The problem is that these are not fair comparisons. The way you discover and find videos on both platforms are completely different.

YouTube is great to get found by more and more people who are looking for video content. They go to YouTube with the intent to find and watch videos. Your videos are getting found every day by new people which helps you grow your audience.

Facebook’s platform is a little different because videos get discovered virally through the sharing functionality of that platform. It is so easy to share videos and that is something that YouTube lacks. It is a good idea to create content that hits people emotionally, inspires, or educates them on topics that they love.

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Facebook or YouTube Video?

Post time: 05-04-2017