How to Directly Record Your Android Lollipop Screen Without Root and For Free!

If you want to know how to record your Android Lollipop screen, for free, without rooting, you’ve come to the right place.

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Traditionally I’ve always recorded my material with a camera shooting onto the screen of my device, but I’ve always been interested in the idea of recording the screen direct and Lollipop Screen Recorder does exactly that.

It is incredibly simple to use with just two options you need to setup, the first being your resolution and second being the screen orientation for recording.

You also have the option to record audio too and once you’ve done that press the record button in the top right hand corner of the screen and boom.

What we have on screen right now is the direct recording on the left side and my camera recording on the right side of the screen. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that the colour reproduction is much better and text is a lot clearer and it cruises along at a smooth 24 frames a second.

This recording was done on a Nexus 6 and it didn’t skip a beat, no noticeable performance issues at all.

You’ll notice recording icons in the notification tray and it will record changes in screen orientation but it will look a bit odd on your video.

That’s the side by side comparison but this is what a portrait video recording looks like by itself. Of course you can record in landscape too which might useful for gamers out there.

So, back to the two key features of this application. It’s free with no video watermarks and if you have Android Lollipop it doesn’t require your device to be modified which is absolutely fantastic.

You can stop the recording through your notification tray and the video will appear in a friendly MP4 format within the application.

What more can I say other Lollipop Screen Recorder is just the application I was looking for.

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Post time: 06-02-2017