How to get Free Online Education? Introduction to Mooc’s

~Opening speech
Ask Question , How many think, Education should be free ?

~What is Mooc

Mooc is to To Introduce Best quality education from the, best Instructors at the best universities, and provide it to everyone around the world for free.

~Why am i talking about Mooc ?
Not everyone is fortunate

Example Because SA education system was based on very few fortunate minorities at the Apartheid times.

When University of South africa open the its gates for admission there was a mile long waiting and there was a stampede at the gates, 20 people were injured and 1 mother died , who wanted her son to get a chance for a better life.

~People have access to higher quality education
Example of Akash.

~Family Commitments
Single Mother of 2 .

~Can’t go to school
Due to Medical Condition.

~Why should you use it ? Affordability of education.
Opportunity after education.
Break away from one size fits all , to customized education or Modular Learning.
Ability to extensively practice or repeat.
Every single student gets a chance for engagement Lifelong learning Can lead to Wave of Innovation.

With Peer review , Multi choose , Grade model , Machine learning for grading .
Quick Response times via peer interaction.
Study groups.
Universal access to education.

Examples of Moocs

Khan Academy
Free & Paid for Certification

Paid (Free via Christchurch city libraries )
Examples of course.
A life of Happiness and fulfillment.

Introduction to Public Speaking .


Everything should be made as simple as possible , but not simpler.

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Post time: 10-09-2017