How To Get Icecream Screen Recorder PRO Full Version For FREE (2017)

How To Get Icecream Screen Recorder PRO Full Version 2017

Icecream Screen Recorder you can capture any area of your screen as either a screenshot graphic or a video recording. Icecream Screen Recorder boasts an intuitive and easy-to-use interface with a suite of tools and options to use when making screen captures. You can use Icecream Screen Recorder to make professional-looking videos of webinars, games, and Skype conversations.

draw, outline, or add arrows and text to your video capture
record webcam video along with screen recording
zoom tool allows you to zoom in while recording
can set multiple screen captures on a timer

The ability to make a screencast video can also be used to showcase your creativity when playing games like Minecraft and recreating scenes from movies and/or filming music videos in simulation games like The Sims.

Screen Recorder features:

* Area selection :- Select the area of your screen that you’d like to take a screenshot of or make a video of in a single click.
* Drawing panel :- Draw, outline, and add arrows or text to your screenshot or video while doing a screen capture.
* Project History :- Fast access to all captured videos and screenshots.
* Add watermark :- Add your own watermark to the screen capture.*
* Add webcam :- Record webcam video along with the screen recording.
* Video quality :- Choose the screen recorder‘s output video quality.
* Zoom In while recording :- Use the “Zoom In” tool to make your video more professional.
* Around mouse’ screen recording :- Select the size of a region around mouse cursor to record.*
* Step tool :- Graphically enumerate the steps of your tutorial with our screen recorder.

What else makes Icecream Screen Recorder so special?

1) Audio settings

Change the volume of your microphone and system sounds.

2.) Clipboard

Save screenshots to the clipboard and share them via Skype or e-mail instantly.

3.) Settings

Hide cursor or desktop icons, and disable the screensaver during screen capture if necessary.

4.) Screenshot to URL

Send screenshots to Icecream Apps’ server in a single click, get a short URL, and share it with anyone.
5.) Display hotkeys used in video Easily show hotkeys you are using during the recording.*
6.) Scheduled screen recording

Set multiple screen capture tasks on a timer.*

Use hotkeys to manage the process of screen capturing or taking screenshots.

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