[NEW]How To Screen Record iOS 10/9! NO PC/JB! FREE!

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╫► https://ipastore.me
╫► https://ipawind.com


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Music used↓

╫► MetroGnome – iPhone (Remix) [Intro]

╫► Tristan Lohengrin – Introduction 8Bit [Background]

╫► Boiria – You Said [Outro]


Device/Channel Info↓

Screen Recorder When Jailbroken↓
╫► CCRecord (Default Repos iOS 10 ONLY)

Screen Recorder When Not Jailbroken↓
╫► BB Rec (iOS 9/10)

Theme Used In Video↓
╫► Ringmasker (Default Repos)

Video Editing Tool↓
╫► https://t.co/WxS1JdAbat

Graphic Editing Tool↓
╫► https://youtu.be/aUlCZOV9t8U

Mic Used To Record↓
╫► Built In Mic For The iPhone 5s

Extra Info↓
╫► All Gameplay Was Recorded With Only My iPhone 5s And Is Me Playing. About 99.9% Of The Video Was Made With Only My iPhone 5s. About 95% Of My Graphics Were Made With Only My iPhone 5s.


20 Ways To Download Paid Apps For iOS↓
╫► https://youtu.be/0hx8CsVSCHI

4 Ways To Screen Record iOS 9/10↓
╫► https://youtu.be/c0QSBveEnO0

How To Download Modded Apps For iOS↓
╫► https://youtu.be/d4keogaukjc

How to block all iAds (Ads in Apps)↓
╫► https://t.co/poEDzhw74U

How To Mod Clash of Clans↓
→ YouTube Removed It & It Was Patched

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