Online Courses for Professional Development of Teachers – American College of Education Video American College of Education offers online education courses for the professional development of teachers. Effective school and classroom environments are safe and secure; at the same time they are stimulating, challenging and focused on student success. Creating a successful school or classroom involves planning, coordination and a lot of hard work. Despite all the work, it often takes very little to disrupt that success. As every educator knows, school and classroom climate has a profound impact on students and how they learn. The goal for educators is to maximize all students’ academic achievement as well as their social, emotional and behavioral development. This online education course, Classroom Management, presents high impact, evidence-based strategies and tools to create a school climate that supports learning for all students. While classroom management can prove challenging at times, you can become an expert with American College of Education’s online education courses for the continuing professional development of teachers. The online Classroom Management course is available through the online master of education online teaching degree program at American College of Education. Learn more at or by calling 1.800.280.0307.

Post time: 06-03-2017