Roofing 101: FREE Online Education Course!

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Learn Roofing 101: the basics of roofing, commercial roofing, and roofing considerations. This introductory course is part a Roofing 101 Online Education Course that you can watch FREE and On-Demand at Construct-Ed.

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If you’re asking the questions:

- What is the difference between TPO and PVC membranes?
-What are single-ply systems and how do they compare to built-up roof systems?
-How long do commercial roof systems last?
- What is ice damming?
- What are the typical deficiencies that are found in most roof systems?

Then watch this full course on Roofing 101- Introduction to Roofing. Whether you’re a roofing contractor looking to learn the theory of roofing, or a student or someone just looking to start your own roofing company, this introduction to roofing course will teach you the basics of managing rooftops.

It’s taught by commercial and residential roofing experts. So start learning from roofing professionals today.

Post time: 05-12-2017