The Current State of Online Education and the Engagement Opportunity – Episode 127 LMScast

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Mike Weiss from the Client Engagement Academy joins Chris Badgett on this episode of LMScast. Chris and Mike discuss the current state of the online education industry. They talk about the low completion rate of online courses and how digital badges can help solve that problem.

Mike shares some statistics on the completion rates of courses and some tips and tricks as to how digital badges can help improve that rate. He also tells some of the strategies his company uses to raise the completion rates of their courses.

Chris and Mike discuss how digital badges are becoming relevant in not just the online workplace, but in the physical workplace as well. Employers are starting to use online courses in order to train employees. Some are also taking that to the next level and requiring it for application. The digital badge can act as a proof of a skill that is currently scarce in the online workplace.

Mike also believes that it is essential to understand the statistical data of your company and your courses. You should set up a way to find out the velocity at which people go through the content in your course, and how tests and quizzes are a great way to do so. Providing options your students would like to have for the flow of content is important to their success as well.

Post time: 05-28-2017