The Revolution in Online Education

At the 2013 World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE), 84 percent of leading educators, policy makers, and governments from over 100 countries concluded that the way learning happens today will not adequately prepare young people for the world of tomorrow.

Big Data has become synonymous with technology. But what constitutes as “Big Data” in education? What can student activity on online programs, social networks, and other media tell us about their learning? Can it help educators improve their instructional practices and personalize learning for students? What are the tools to do so? Are there parallels in other industries that educators and developers can draw from?

Educational data-driven leaders will discuss technology and share their vision for tomorrow’s online education with the hope of changing the landscape of education as we know it and better preparing young people for the future.

Meet the Speakers:

Cheng-Tao Chu — Director of Analytics of Codecademy
Prior to Codecademy, Cheng-Tao Chu had been building data infrastructure and applying machine learning in various companies including Google, LinkedIn and Square. Also, his mapreduce machine learning paper was cited as Apache Mahout’s original paper.

Dan Carroll- Co-Founder & COO of Clever
Running technology for a charter school network, Dan saw first-hand how data obstacles were quickly becoming the biggest barriers to innovation in education. Now, Dan works with schools around the country to use data to aid innovation. He founded the company with his former Harvard classmates Tyler Bosmeny and Rafael Garcia.

Dylan Arena — Co-Founder & Chief Learning Scientist of Kidaptive
Dylan is a learning scientist with a background in cognitive science, philosophy, and statistics. Dylan started out as a software developer at Oracle. After a few years, he returned to graduate school at Stanford, where he worked on both game-based learning and next-generation assessment. Dylan has been a Gordon Commission Science and Technology Fellow, a Stanford Graduate Fellow in Science and Engineering, a Gerald J. Lieberman Fellow, a FrameWorks Fellow, and a United States Presidential Scholar.

Chuong (Tom) Do – Analytics Lead at Coursera Tom is a Software Engineer and Technical Lead in the Analytics group at Coursera. He completed his Ph.D. in Computer Science at Stanford University in 2009 and worked as a scientist at the personal genetics company 23andMe, Inc. until 2012, where his research has collectively spanned the fields of Machine Learning, Computational Biology, and Statistical Genetics.

Meet the moderator:

Tony Wan is the Managing Editor at EdSurge and oversees the content on the website and weekly newsletters. He was previously a co-founder at Luckybird Games, production coordinator for a Bay Area think tank, and editor at the Stanford Journal of East Asian Affairs. He was recently a recipient of Forbes’ Top 30 Under 30 in Education.

Post time: 06-15-2017