Top 10 universities of UK United Kingdom 2016.Online Education

Top 10 universities of UK (United Kingdom) 2016
top 10 universities of UK:
10. University of Exeter

Exeter’s first appearance in the Complete University Guide’s top 10 was just 2 years ago and it’s managed to maintain its spot for the 3rd yeare in a row. Exeter’s rise to prominence has been spearheaded by its rapidly increasing graduate prospects and entry standards.

Located in the South West, attending university here almost guarantees you’ll get the lion’s share of England’s good weather – perhaps it was time spent day-dreaming in the sun that inspired J.K Rowling’s wizarding world.

9. Lancaster University

After a brief 2 year hiatus Lancaster University is back in the UK’s top 10. The university has been working and spending towards a better all-round experience for its students with its return to the top 10 attributable to increased Facilities Spend and Academic Services Spend – the uni spends £1,565 per student on academic services such as the library and computing, and £778 per student on supporting services such as sports facilities.

For a top quality campus-based university experience, and quick access to the great outdoors (the Lake District is on Lancaster’s doorstep) Lancaster University might be the one.

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8. University of Surrey

The University of Surrey has well and truly gone from strength to strength when it comes to its position in the Complete University Guide. In our first publication in 2008 Surrey were ranked 35th, and now at long last the university qualifies for our coveted top 10.

Surrey scores highly for Student Satisfaction – 4.24 – and for Graduate Prospects – 81.2%.

Located in Surrey’s county town, Guildford, this university is 1 for those seeking a high quality education in a bustling area with the luxury of having the nation’s capital not far down the road.

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7. University of Warwick

When it comes to universities in the Midlands, Warwick always comes out on top. Scoring highly for Entry standards, Research and Graduate Prospects, you’ve got to seriously consider this institution for your university career. Warwick also features heavily in our subject tables, appearing in the top 10 for 19 different subjects – truly an all-rounder.

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6.University of St Andrews

Beautifully set against the backdrop of the east coast of Scotland, the country’s oldest university continues to perform well under the intense scrutiny of the Complete University Guide.

Despite its rural location St Andrews has quite a pull for our young minds, with over 30% of the town’s population being either a student or lecturer during term-time. Interestingly the university has pr

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5. Durham University

Not just a stomping ground for Oxbridge rejects, Durham is a high-performing university in its own right, as is evidenced by its consistent appearance in the top 5 of our university league tables – forget top 10.

Trust uing reputation for research and teaching, you’re on to a winner.

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4. Imperial College London

Imperial always places within the UK’s top 10 unis and will be pleased to have regained its 4th place position in the 2016 league table. The

A specialist in science, engineering, medicine and business, and located in the get-up-and-go city of London, places at Imperial are highly sought after.

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3. London School of Economics and Political Science

No surprises here. The top 3 placings have been the same for 4 years ruthe way back in 2007 – but now it’s safe to say the uni is brushing shoulders with Oxford and Cambridge.


Search through undergraduate courses at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

2. University of Oxford

Poor old Oxford, placing behind its adversary in the Complete University Guide league table seems to be becoming something of a habit. Let’s be fair though, 2nd place isn’t to be sniffed at and Oxford won this year’s boat race, in both the women’s and the men’s races – have that Cambridge! Oxford’s reputation is largely based on

Search through undergraduate courses at the University of Oxford.

1. University of Cambridge

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