Top 5 Best FREE Screen Recording Software! January 2017!

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Each of these screen recording software‘s are absolutely free and most of them contain no watermarks or time limit restrictions. However some these have it’s own pros and cons but for the most part these are the best recording software you can get for PC. Keep in mind, Open Broadcast Software and Action! our the best for recording game-play while the rest are used as a desktop recorder. These are the Best Free Screen Recording Software for Windows 10 to 7! All up to date in 2017!

Here is the list of the best screen recording software

Mirillils Action! Screen/Game Recorder:

Ice Cream Screen Recorder:

iSpring Free Cam:…

Open Broadcast Software:

SmartPixel Screen Recorder:

Once you have download Action! Look for the Lock which is in the un-locked position, You will click it and click “Activate” Then enter the key in the text file here:

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Post time: 05-27-2017