Using Soundflower and Quicktime For Screen Recording on Mac

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People are saying that this method no longer works on newer Mac operating systems. I’m using Yosemite and it still works, but I’m running a very old version of Soundflower, which might also be the reason it still works.

Quicktime can record your screen, but it can’t use your computers audio without the help of Soundflower. Here’s how to set it up. See the description for directions on recording your voice too.

If you want to record your voice and screen, follow these steps:

Starting at 0:40 of my video:

1. In audio setup of Soundflower, instead of creating a Multi-Output Device, create an Aggregate Device

2. Select Aggregate Device in the left sidebar and choose: Built-in Microphone, Built-in Output, and Soundflower (2ch)

3. Follow the rest of the steps of the tutorial.

4. When changing sound preferences in System Preferences on your Mac, leave Internal Speakers on in Output settings and choose Aggregate Device in Input Settings.

5. Select Aggregate Device in the Quicktime dropdown.

Post time: 06-02-2017