BUCT Cloud Lecture Capture System

Beijing University Chemical Technology’s (BUCT) lecture hall has adopted PowerCreator’s Professional Lecture Capture Solution. With the auto tracking system, the solution can record, store, live stream and play back courses.

As requested by the university, this solution gives both manual & automatic control of recording to create high-quality video resources. 



Multi-Source Synchronized Recording

The system can record all input sources simultaneously which can be saved as backups and later used during post production. Audio and visual signals of each source are well synchronized during recording, and AV signals of all sources will be precisely aligned time-wise in non-linear editing system.

Support Professional Development of Teachers

The whole teaching process will be recorded for review and analysis to improve teacher’s teaching skill and future performance.

Create Videos for Open Courses & MOOCs

This fully automated system helps users to create high quality lecture videos. Recorded videos can be edited into micro courses. Users can view all the videos on PowerCreator’s CMS platform and outstanding  ones can be used as open courses or resources for MOOCs. 


Post time: 05-10-2016