Cross-area Collaborative Classrooms at Danzhou School

Located in central China, Danzhou Central Elementary School (the Central School) takes the lead in enhancing the teaching quality of several neighboring rural village schools. These schools are lack of music, art and other professional teachers. To solve this problem, the Central School, supported by PowerCreator, has launched the plan of  Cross-area Collaborative Classrooms to deliver high quality live classes to these schools. 


The solution enables students from village schools to enjoy synchronized real-time teaching which the Central School offers.


In this solution, one local teaching classroom has been equipped with lecture capture system managed by PowerCeator’s CMS, and all the students from remote classrooms located at villages can attend the live class and in the meantime interact with the teacher of the Central School.


Through this mode, village school students’ performance have been greatly enhanced and their teachers’ professional development are also benefited. 


Post time: 06-09-2017