Mirco-teaching in Shaxi Primary School

Shaxi Primary School which has nearly 100 years history, locates in the famous Nanling Village, Shenzhen. Presently, the school covers an area of 14,010 square meters.

In order to make the dream of informatization of educational system a reality, Shaxi Primary School shares high quality teaching resources by using modern audio-visual equipment and with the help of PowerCreator built smart lecture capture classrooms for the programme of students’ mircoteaching and teachers’ skill training.


With five cameras installed in the classroom, the system is a fastest and simple way to record all aspects in the classroom. The best part is that all have to do for a teacher is one click the record button, the system will automatically record, stream, save the video on your local CMS server and also give you the option to share the videos straight to LMSs.


Not only this, the system will track and record the teacher, students, chalkboard writing, and the screen content, and auto switch among these scenes. This well creates the environment for teachers’ skills training and teaching research to improve their teaching skills in language, blackboard-writing, explaining, illustrating with examples, probing question as well as stimulus variation, knowledge reinforcement and classroom management.

After recording, teachers can easily enhance the videos with notes, subtitles and effects such as pan-zoom and animations, and then publish as mircroteaching video.

All students will be benefit from the excellent courses by watching stream or playing back archived videos from the CMS platform.

Post time: 01-21-2017