Multi-campus Realtime Teaching & Learning System at SYSU

Founded by Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, Sun Yat-Sen University is a prominent research, academic, and cultural center with a century long educational tradition. Presently, in the university there are five campuses located respectively in three cities, Guangzhou, Zhuhai and Shenzhen, as well as ten affiliated hospitals.


In order to meet the requirements of knowledge sharing among campuses and teachers’ professional development, Sun Yat-Sen University, powered by PowerCreator, has launched ’1+N’ automated teaching and learning system to distribute high-quality educational resources at multiple locations on realtime basis.

This teaching mode includes one main teaching classroom (1) equipped lecture capture solution, and managed by PowerCeator’s CMS (Content Management System), all the students acrossthe university (N) can attend the same class delivered from the main teaching room.


The system has the features of automated tracking, recording, streaming, interactive teaching among classrooms, resources managing, as well as multi-room simultaneous recording. This ’1+N’ mode and the combination of these features lead to significant improvements in student performance and even changed teacher’s outlook on teaching.


Post time: 01-10-2017