Tsinghua University Distance Education System

Tsinghua University is a research university located in Beijing, China, and one of the nine members in the elite C9 League of universities.

Tsinghua was established in 1911 as “Tsinghua College,” and renamed “National Tsinghua University” in 1928. With its motto of Self-Discipline and Social Commitment, Tsinghua University describes itself as being dedicated to academic excellence, the well-being of Chinese society and to global development. With strong research and training, Tsinghua University is consistently ranked as one of the top academic institutions in China, alongside Peking University.

In 2005, School of Continuing Education at Tsinghua University installed PowerCreator recording system (including MediaEncoder, Live Server, and Content Management System etc.) to enhance distance learning. PowerCreator made full use of Tsinghua University’s existing network resource especially satellite network. Satellite network and Internet have complementary advantages as satellite network has an extremely wide coverage and Internet ensures the realization of interaction between teachers and students.

By using PowerCreator recording system, it has extended Tsinghua’s one live broadcast channel to nine channels. With practical, reliable and multi-functional features, PowerCreator system has assisted Tsinghua to deliver distance education with ease, achieved resource sharing worldwide as well as met the needs of the entire college community.

Post time: 05-12-2016