• Q: Why do only folders show up instead of CMS when I open CMS platform?

    A: Please check if there is ‘default.aspx’ in ‘CMS–>Function View–>Default File’. If not, please add it and set it at the top.

  • Q: Why can’t I find the webpage when I open CMS?

    A: i. Check CMS in IIS–>ASP.NET and then change the version of .NET to 4.0.30319.

    ii. Enable ‘ASP’ and ‘ASP.NET’ in ‘WEB Service Extensions’ settings.

  • Q: Why can’t I watch any video? Why can’t I watch all video steams? (for example, I just watch one or two of the three streams)

    A: 1, Open ‘index.html’ in ‘C:Program FilesAdobeAdobe Media Server 5webroot’ and check if it can play videos. If it cannot, change the port of Flash Media Server or reinstall Flash Media Server.

    2, Check if you have added MP4 in ‘CMS–>Function View–>MIME’ in IIS. If not, please add it.

    3, Please check if the version of Flash Player is 11.5 or above. If not, please download it again.

    4, Please check if you have created a virtual directory of ‘vod’ in CMS IIS, if not, please create one.

    5, Please check if you have set ‘Application.xml’ in ‘C:Program FilesAdobeFlash Media Server 3.5applicationsvod’, if not, please reset it.

  • Q: Video upload failed or writing to database failed.

    A: 1, Check if the IP and port in the configuration of the Media Server are correct.

    2, Check if the uploading tool versions of the client-end and server-end are the same.

    3, Check if you have configured the authorization for ‘Everyone’ in ‘file Manager’ in CMS installation files.

  • Q: Why did I fail to upload one-stream videos in 64 bit system?

    If you use a 64 bit system, please do as follows:

    A:1, Please run cmd

    2, Open 32 bit mode Cscript C:/Inetpub/AdminScripts/adsutil.vbs SET W3SVC/AppPools/Enable32bitAppOnWin64 1

    3, install asp.net2.0(32 bit)and a script map in the root directory of IIS. The script map is C:WINDOWSMicrosoft.NETFrameworkv2.0.50727/aspnet_r egiis.exe -i

  • Q: Why can’t I edit lecture videos online? Or why do I get blank files after editing?

    A: 1, please check if the Media Editor is working.

    2, please check if the dongle has editing authorization.

    3, please check if the path of CMS virtual directory is correct and if the virtual directory can be edited.

  • Q: How to upgrade the CMS?

    1, please open CMS upgrade file and click ‘Setup’.


    Input username and password, then click ‘Install’ button.




    Click ‘OK’ button and then ‘CMS Review’ button.


    Input port, username and password, then click ‘OK’ button.


    If there are words in red, please reset.

  • Q: How to change Logo and Copyright?

    1, Change Logo





    Replace the image of the logo, its resolution should be 177*71.

    2, Change copyright



    C:Program FilesPowerCreatorMediaServer_LMSkeyCopyright

    3, Change email information


    4, Change tel information


    5、Change edition No.

    C:Program FilesPowerCreatorMediaServer_LMSlanguage

  • Q: Why does LMSServer check fail?

    A: 1, please check the log in C:Program FilesPowerCreatorMediaServer_LMSLog. If the time in the log is normal, LMSServer is running. If the time is abnormal,

    you have to reinstall file in CMS installation file to activate the LMSServer.

    2, then please check if the log port and CMS port are the same. If not, please go to the registry as follows:



    Right click ‘WebPort’, then change it to CMS port ‘88’.

  • Q: Why can’t I watch any video in ‘System-->Review-->Video Wall’? Why can I only watch the video with the port 90 of the Media Server?

    A: please open http://(the IP of the computer with Media Server installed):90/GetRoominfo.do and check the ‘RoomID’ in the database of the MediaServer.

  • Q: How to change the database password?

    Login with the current password, and then right click on ‘sa’


    1、 Click ‘Properties’, then type a new password.


    Click ‘OK’ button.

  • Q: How to backup database manually?

    Right click on ‘MediaServer_LMS’ and then select ‘Back Up’



    Click ‘Add’ button.、


    Select a path.


    Click ‘OK’ button.


    Delete old paths and then select the new one. Click ‘Add’.



    For more help, please email to: info@powercreator.com.cn