PowerCreator assisting ‘Children’s Day’ activity in Zhengding County

Zhengding County where is located in Hebei province successfully held the sixth art festival on June 2. The purpose of this event was to celebrate ‘Children’s Day’ for primary and secondary school students. There were three venues, Zhengding middle school was the main venue and the other two were Beishilianxiao and Xinchengpu schools respectively. More than 5000 participants including teachers, schools principals and students attended this activity. PowerCreator was invited as technical support to make sure that participants could view wonderful performances from other venues.
For elementary and secondary school students of Zhengding County, the ‘Children’s Day’ activity of this year was quite different from previous years. Not only could see the performances of their own school, but also watched programs from the other two venues as well.

So how did PowerCreator make the interaction among these three venues?

Technically speaking, PowerCreator must take the three venues on site shooting and signal transmission into account simultaneously. One careless move loses the whole game. Therefore, PowerCreator sent several experienced technicians before hand to communicate with organizers to make sure that the event was well organized.

The activity finished successfully in ablaze and amused atmosphere. The organizers of this event were very impressed about the reliability of PowerCreator products and thoughtful service. With our latest product-future classroom, PowerCreator achieved to break the limitation of geographical space so that teachers and students could watch wonderful performances among three venues.

Post time: 06-14-2016